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Case studyCustomer Stories

Growing a fitness business with Octiv: How MissFit Boxing grew from 3 to 22 facilities

16 January 2024
Discover how Octiv helped MissFit Boxing grow from 3 to 22 facilities. Customer Stories MissFit Boxing How MissFit Boxing grew from 3 to 22 facilities Danielle Steyn MissFit Boxing MissFit Boxing is a fitness facility,…
Business managementMember experience

Elevate Member Engagement: Unleashing the Power of Personalisation with Octiv

11 December 2023
As a gym and studio management software we at Octiv are able to keep an eye on the latest trends in the industry as a whole. In 2023, we've seen that personalisation is the key…

8 Practical Ways to Manage Stress for Fitness Business Owners

9 November 2023
Balancing Health + Business: Stress Management Tips for Gym Owners and Coaches   Working in the fitness industry is incredibly rewarding, but it comes with its own set of challenges and stresses, especially for those…
Case studyCustomer Stories

How Octiv studio management software takes care of business for The Storm Centre

6 October 2023
Discover how Octiv is taking care of business for The Storm Centre. We sat down with Storm Corbett and asked her how she uses Octiv to get the most for her studio. Customer Stories The…
Business management

Why Company Culture Matters: A Conversation with Octiv’s CEO, Mark Fawzy

18 September 2023
Step behind the scenes to understand more about the core personality of Octiv as we delve into a conversation about company culture with Mark Fawzy, the leader at the helm of Octiv.  We chat about…
Future of Fitness

Why Challenging The Status Quo Is Your Fitness Studio Superpower

5 July 2023
Discover why challenging the fitness industry status quo is your unique edge to attract the right members who keep coming back.
Launching a fitness studio from scratch

7 Fundamental Tips When Launching A Fitness Studio From Scratch

7 June 2023
Launching a fitness studio from scratch? What an unreal time. Follow these 7 fundamental tips to assist your long-term business prosperity.
Case studyCustomer Stories

Why CrossFit Sunderland Chooses Octiv As Their Gym Management Solution

24 May 2023
We spoke with Nathan (the co-owner of CrossFit Sunderland). Let's see why he chooses Octiv as his gym management solution to help his CrossFit facility thrive.
ChatGPT For CrossFit Box Owners

Let’s Talk ChatGPT For CrossFit Box Owners

10 May 2023
There's a new trend in the air– can you smell it? It’s an AI language tool called ChatGPT. Let’s discuss how you can use it as a CrossFit box owner to optimise your time (in…
Customer lifetime value strategies to grow your gym

3 Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Strategies To Grow Your Fitness Studio

25 April 2023
Measuring customer lifetime value (CLV) is critical to ensure you’re maintaining a steady revenue stream for your fitness studio. Here are 3 indispensable strategies to increase CLV to help you grow.
Help new members with gym nerves
Member experience

Your 5-Step Strategy To Help New Members With Gym Nerves

12 April 2023
Having the right approach to help new members with gym nerves will significantly improve your member retention rate. Here's your strategy blueprint.
Gym management software

Don’t Settle For Less: 7 Non-Negotiables Your Gym Management Software Must Have

29 March 2023
Does your current gym management software meet these 7 non-negotiables? If not– you may be sitting in the dark. Read on to find out.
5 Mindset Qualities That Define An Exceptional Fitness Entrepreneur

Exceptional Fitness Entrepreneurs Have These 5 Mindset Qualities In Common

15 March 2023
An exceptional fitness entrepreneur is forever working on their mindset. Why? Because the tough stuff hits differently when you’ve taken the time to nurture your mind. Read on to find out more.
Octiv vs Team Up
Competitor comparisons

Octiv vs TeamUp: A 2023 Comparison

1 March 2023
Eager to learn more about Octiv vs TeamUp? Here’s a nifty software comparison to bring you up to speed on these two industry-leading gym management platforms.
Octiv software update

Octiv Just Got A Whole Lot Smoother With These Significant Improvements

23 February 2023
Ready to take your gym management & growth to the next level? Octiv is about to release significant improvements that are coming your way. Here's what you need to know.
8 Reasons Why You Need Gym Management Software For Your Fitness Business
Business management

8 Reasons Why You Need Gym Management Software For Your Fitness Business

7 February 2023
Gym management software is essential for boutique gym owners wanting to level up their fitness business. Here are 8 reasons why gym management software can help your gym thrive.
Case studyCustomer Stories

Why ‘Pack Life’ Chooses Octiv As Their Gym Management Solution

1 February 2023
We spoke with Chris (the owner of Pack Life). Let's see why he chooses Octiv as his gym management solution to help his CrossFit facilities thrive.
Gym management software features that grow business

6 Gym Management Software Features To Grow Your Business

25 January 2023
Are you constantly thinking of ways to expand & grow your fitness facilities? If so, here are 6 “must-have” gym management features to help you do just that.
Leadership Tools To Use In Your Fitness Business
Business management

A Leadership Toolbox To Use In Your Fitness Business

18 January 2023
Feeling a little stuck as the captain of your ship? Find out how you can sharpen the tools in your leadership toolbox to show up better for your business.
What Do People Look For When Choosing a CrossFit Box?
Member experience

What Do People Look For When Choosing a CrossFit Box?

11 January 2023
The sea of potential members is endless. But what actually pivots someone towards your CrossFit box instead of another? Click to find out.
Wellness Trends in 2023

7 Wellness Trends Coming In 2023 (That You Can Capitalise On)

14 December 2022
Get your 2023 to-do list out because we’re about to reveal the 7 hottest wellness trends coming in 2023. Including all the ways you can take advantage of them to stay ahead of the game.
Keeping members motivated during the holiday season
Member experience

5 Ways To Keep Members Motivated During The Holiday Season

7 December 2022
The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year, even though your gym gets quieter. Here are 5 ways to keep your members motivated & moving during this time.
Management software for yoga studios
Case studyCustomer Stories

Why ‘House of Yoga’ Chooses Octiv

30 November 2022
We spoke with Leigh (the owner of House of Yoga). Let's see what she says about why she chooses Octiv as her studio management solution to help her business thrive
Increase gym revenue without new members

6 Ways To Increase Gym Revenue Without New Members

23 November 2022
Here’s how you increase your gym revenue without depending on new monthly memberships & drop-ins. Click to find out more.
Best Mindbody alternative
Competitor comparisons

The Best Mindbody Alternative For Your Boutique Fitness Studio

16 November 2022
We’ve felt the stirs in the audience regarding Mindbody aches & pains. So here we are, telling you why Octiv is a superb Mindbody alternative.
Negative member feedback

How To Deal With Negative Feedback At Your Fitness Facility

9 November 2022
Negative member feedback is the pits. But it can expose business weaknesses you may need to be aware of. Here's how you handle it without losing your cool.
Fitness business management
Business management

The Ins & Outs Of Managing Your Fitness Business Better

2 November 2022
Managing your fitness business. You either love it or you hate it. But it has to be done. Here are 7 tips for running it like a well-oiled machine.
Ideas to improve member motivation
Member experience

These 5 Resourceful Ideas Improve Member Motivation

26 October 2022
If you’re noticing that members regularly cancel their class bookings, it’s time to include out-of-the-box tactics to boost that “go get it” attitude to improve member motivation.
Octiv vs Bookamat: Top Fitness Studio Software Picks For 2022
Competitor comparisons

Octiv vs Bookamat: Top Fitness Studio Software Picks For 2022

19 October 2022
Wondering which fitness studio software is right for your fitness facility? See how Octiv plays against Bookamat (stand out features, pricing & who they serve).
Widgets That Boost The Conversion Rate On Your Gym Website

5 Powerhouse Widgets That Boost Your Gym Website Conversion Rate

12 October 2022
Check out these 5 ‘must-have’ widgets that boost your gym website conversion rate resulting in all-round lush sales & brand new members at your gym.

Make the Switch to Octiv: World-Leading Gym Management Software

5 October 2022
If your current gym management software is causing you a gut-wrenching headache, it’s time to pack your digital bags & make the move to Octiv. Find out why.
Are you using the right CrossFit management software?
Business management

Are You Using The Right CrossFit Management Software?

28 September 2022
Are you an affiliate box owner with a sneaky suspicion the CrossFit management software you’re currently using isn’t the best fit for your business? If so, read on.
Gym management software to start your fitness business

7 Hacks To Level Up & Open Your Own Fitness Studio in 2022

21 September 2022
Thirsting to drop the 9 to 5 & open that fitness studio you’ve always dreamed about? Check out these 7 tips to see if you’re ready for action.
Tips When Choosing The Best Yoga Studio Software in The UK
Business management

6 Hot Tips When Choosing The Best Yoga Studio Software in The UK

14 September 2022
Choosing the best yoga studio software in the UK can be pretty daunting. Here are 6 wildly-popular tips to ensure you get the most out of your tech spend.

Octiv Secures Series A Funding Round Led by Knife Capital

2 September 2022
This 8-figure Series A funding led by an esteemed venture capital company named Knife Capital, including an angel investment from an executive at BVNK, will supercharge Octiv’s global expansion goals.
Tips to boost gym member retention

5 Game-Changing Tips To Boost Gym Member Retention

31 August 2022
Are you a gym owner wondering how to increase your gym member retention? We got you. Check out these 5 tips to keep your members jolly & coming back for more.
Member experience

Octiv: The Ultimate Member Experience

29 June 2022
We talk to Lindsay, a copywriter who thrives on staying healthy and fit after a long writing day. She's a member of a CrossFit gym and an avid user of the Octiv app. Let's see…

Boutique gyms and group training: the future of engaged fitness

13 June 2022
We explore the future of fitness; do boutique fitness facilities hold the key to long term membership engagement, and what is their magic sauce? 

The Octiv Story

28 March 2022
This is the story of how a wet towel in a gym bag helped create a tech startup in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s also the tale of how I, Mark Fawzy, used my deep…

Intro to Octiv (Studio owner) 19:38

A quick walkthrough of the new Octiv platform.

Octiv App (members walkthrough) 9:54

Walkthrough of the new Octiv app for studio members.

How to earn Vitality points through the Octiv App 0:55

Explore our partnership with Vitality. Watch how to link your Vitality through the Octiv App and earn your points.

How MissFit Boxing use Octiv to grow their brand 3:01

Learn how MissFit Boxing Studios grew the MissFit brand from 3 to 13 branches nationwide, using the Octiv gym management platform.

Get closer to your goals with Octiv and Vitality 59:48

Vitality members can earn Vitality fitness points by working out at their favorite boutique fitness facility through Octiv.