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Case study

Why CrossFit Sunderland Chooses Octiv As Their Gym Management Solution

24 May 2023
We spoke with Nathan (the co-owner of CrossFit Sunderland). Let's see why he chooses Octiv as his gym management solution to help his CrossFit facility thrive.
ChatGPT For CrossFit Box Owners

Let’s Talk ChatGPT For CrossFit Box Owners

10 May 2023
There's a new trend in the air– can you smell it? It’s an AI language tool called ChatGPT. Let’s discuss how you can use it as a CrossFit box owner to optimise your time (in an ethical way).
Customer lifetime value strategies to grow your gym

3 Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Strategies To Grow Your Fitness Studio

25 Apr 2023
Measuring customer lifetime value (CLV) is critical to ensure you’re maintaining a steady revenue stream for your fitness studio. Here are 3 indispensable strategies to increase CLV to help you grow.
Help new members with gym nerves
Member experience

Your 5-Step Strategy To Help New Members With Gym Nerves

12 Apr 2023
Having the right approach to help new members with gym nerves will significantly improve your member retention rate. Here's your strategy blueprint.
Gym management software

Don’t Settle For Less: 7 Non-Negotiables Your Gym Management Software Must Have

29 Mar 2023
Does your current gym management software meet these 7 non-negotiables? If not– you may be sitting in the dark. Read on to find out.
5 Mindset Qualities That Define An Exceptional Fitness Entrepreneur

Exceptional Fitness Entrepreneurs Have These 5 Mindset Qualities In Common

15 Mar 2023
An exceptional fitness entrepreneur is forever working on their mindset. Why? Because the tough stuff hits differently when you’ve taken the time to nurture your mind. Read on to find out more.

Intro to Octiv (Studio owner) 19:38

A quick walkthrough of the new Octiv platform.

Octiv App (members walkthrough) 9:54

Walkthrough of the new Octiv app for studio members.

How to earn Vitality points through the Octiv App 0:55

Explore our partnership with Vitality. Watch how to link your Vitality through the Octiv App and earn your points.

How MissFit Boxing use Octiv to grow their brand 3:01

Learn how MissFit Boxing Studios grew the MissFit brand from 3 to 13 branches nationwide, using the Octiv gym management platform.

Get closer to your goals with Octiv and Vitality 59:48

Vitality members can earn Vitality fitness points by working out at their favorite boutique fitness facility through Octiv.