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In this episode we wanted to explore the theme of culture as the core personality of a business. When considering who to interview for this topic, this guest really stood out. This man and this gym have a larger-than-life personality, a loyal global membership (or should we say fan base!) and a magic formula that has everyone hooked. In this episode we talk to Andrew Rothschild of Sweat1000. 

Mark and Andrew discuss culture – what it means and how it sets you apart from the rest. We hear valuable insights from Andrew’s experience of 30 years in the fitness industry including how to build a brand, handle competition, achieve balance, inspire your trainers, how to offer a premium experience, and how to be creative and have fun along the way! They also discuss the changing trends in fitness that fitness business owners need to be aware of and capitalise on for growth. 

Topics covered include:

  • Changing trends in the fitness industry over the last 20 years
  • How to build a globally supported fitness brand
  • How to offer a premium fitness experience for members 
  • Building a company culture that translates across locations 
  • Advice for fitness trainers on how best to motivate people 
  • Creative ideas for keeping your fitness offering fresh and energetic
  • How to handle competition in the fitness industry

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