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In this episode of the Octiv Sweat Equity Podcast, host Mark Fawzy interviews Storm Corbett, the founder of the successful fitness studio called The Storm Center, located in Cape Town. 

They discuss the theme of going back to basics and how getting the fundamentals right is crucial for success in any business. Storm shares her journey of starting the studio in 2019 while being pregnant and facing various challenges, including budget constraints and the need for consistent growth. They talk about the importance of communication, both with clients and within the team, to maintain a strong and supportive environment. Storm also reveals the studio’s decision to simplify and focus on a core offering. The Storm Centre is an exceptional environment for clients and Storm shares her insights on how to achieve the right  feeling in a fitness studio. 

Topics covered include:

  • The founding story of The Storm Centre
  • The challenges and learnings along the way  
  • How the business navigated through COVID 
  • Budgeting and managing money in a fitness business 
  • Simplifying your product offering for better member engagement 
  • Tapping into your purpose – the important role coaches and trainers play in people’s lives 

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