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We kick off the first episode of The Octiv Sweat Equity Podcast with a conversation with Steven van Jaarsveld, co-founder of Motley Crew CrossFit in South Africa. Motley Crew have been so successful in building a brand that encompasses more than just the workout – it’s a movement! 

Mark and Steven discuss the starting days of Motley Crew, the challenges and wins along the way and how to build a brand that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Steven has a wealth of knowledge for any fitness facility owner and he shares it generously in this episode. 

Topics covered include:

  • Motley Crew CrossFit’s founding story 
  • How to build a brand that makes you stand out in the crowd
  • Company culture as the personality of the business 
  • Steven’s tips to consider when opening up new gym locations 
  • How to keep your coaches energised and enthusiastic 
  • The importance of authenticity in your communication
  • Tips for a strong social media presence

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