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Discover why challenging the fitness industry status quo is your unique edge to attract the right members who keep coming back.

Challenging the status quo refers to ideas and movements that rupture existing norms or systems.

In other words, 

Providing alternative ways your fitness studio operates and presents as a business in this ever-changing, highly competitive, fast-paced fitness industry. 

In essence, it’s about finding THAT ONE THING that sets you apart from the studio down the road. 

In fact, 

That one thing becomes part of your brand DNA.

And as you know– no one’s DNA is alike. 

Shaping your brand DNA empowers you to stand out in an oversaturated fitness market, which, in turn, makes you different from the rest– because this is what generates irrationally loyal members. Members who keep coming back because they resonate so deeply with your brand values and brand personality.

Keep reading to discover how finding your differentiator, staying true to your values, and infiltrating your brand story into everything you do– empowers you to challenge the fitness industry status quo so that you do to attract the right members who stay for the long term.

1. Finding your differentiator

Ask yourself this question– 

Why does someone choose my fitness studio over another? 

Sure, distance may play a factor. But when you notice that members are driving out of their way to access your studio– you know you’ve hit gold because it becomes more than just distance and accessibility. 

And finding your differentiator that sets you apart from other gyms– is your secret ingredient. 

This is how you find your differentiator 👇

a. Your unique code 

People visiting your fitness facility shouldn’t have the same experience they had with your competitor. Of course, you may have a similar fitness service, but the member experience should be unique.

In other words–

There are plenty of CrossFit boxes & Yoga studios in every neighborhood. The service is the same. However, what about your studio makes the member feel different, appreciated, and heard?

Take Motley Crew CrossFit, for example. They have a rule that every single member is greeted by name when they walk through the door. It’s ingrained in their Brand DNA. This makes the community feel as if they belong. It’s that simple. In other words, if a Motley Crew member had to go to another gym facility and were not greeted by name– they would feel that difference.

b. Above & beyond value 

Your members should receive a level of value that goes above and beyond any other fitness studio. In other words– how does your fitness studio improve the lives of the member to the point that the price seems like a no-brainer?

For example, we all know that boutique fitness studio memberships are more expensive than commercial gyms down the road. But if you plan to ensure that the membership fees are 110% worth what the members are getting– price comparison loses its power.

c. Can’t be replicated 

Your differentiation strategy should never be easily replicated by another business. For example, if you decide to pitch lower membership prices than your competitors– this can easily be replicated, making your differentiation strategy redundant.

Your differentiation strategy needs to come from a deeper place. A place that reflects your core values, unique expertise, and distinct approach. By aligning your differentiation strategy with your brand identity and values, you create a connection with your members that goes beyond superficial aspects. This becomes a sustainable competitive advantage that sets you apart in the long run, making it harder for competitors to replicate, allowing you to carve out a unique position in the market.

2. Stand true to your values

Brand values are crucial in differentiating yourself from competitors. Getting clear on your unique brand values will challenge the status quo because you immediately position yourself as different. 

Brand values are the guiding principles and beliefs that shape how you operate and interact with members, the team, and the broader community. 

Here’s how brand values enable you to challenge the fitness industry status quo. 

a. Unique positioning

When your business has clearly defined values that align with the needs and aspirations of your members, it gives you a distinct identity. By emphasising your values in your marketing and brand communications, you set yourself apart from competitors who may not have a solid value-driven approach.

b. Emotional connection

Values are deeply rooted in emotions and beliefs. When your brand values align with the values of your target audience, it creates an emotional connection. Members are likelier to engage with and be loyal to a brand that share their beliefs and values. By highlighting your values, you can attract like-minded individuals who resonate with your brand on a deeper level.

c. Building trust and credibility

Brand values express your business ethics, integrity, and commitment to certain principles. Consistently upholding and demonstrating these values in your actions and interactions builds trust and credibility with your audience and members who have a strong sense of purpose for what you believe in.

3. Shout your brand story to the world

Your brand story creates a powerful emotional connection with your audience. 

And no brand story is alike, which means if you’re strategic about telling your brand story, the right members will resonate with you and feel inspired and proud to be part of your story as a whole.  

In fact, 

“The human mind is 22x more likely to remember facts if those facts are part of a story”

Cognitive Psychologist, Jerome Bruner

By sharing your journey, values, and purpose, you captivate the hearts and minds of your members. These stories differentiate your brand, making it unique and memorable in a this crowded fitness industry. 

They build trust, credibility, and loyalty as customers connect with your authentic and transparent story 

Moreover, brand stories attract the right audience, fostering long-term engagement and advocacy. 

Communicate your story consistently across all touchpoints, including your website, social media, marketing materials, and customer interactions. This consistent messaging reinforces your brand identity and message.

In a nutshell

Challenging the status quo in the fitness industry is about finding that one unique element that sets your fitness studio apart from the rest. It becomes an integral part of your brand DNA, allowing you to stand out in an oversaturated market. 

By uncovering your differentiator, staying true to your values, and integrating your brand story into every aspect of your business, you can attract the right members who resonate deeply with your brand and keep coming back for more. 

Embracing these strategies empowers you to challenge industry norms, foster long-term member loyalty, and ultimately disrupt the status quo in the fitness world.

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