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Managing your fitness business. You either love it or you hate it. But it has to be done. Here are 7 tips for running it like a well-oiled machine.

There’s a lot that goes into managing your fitness business. 


  • Generating a consistent stream of monthly revenue
  • Growth potential 
  • Ensuring your staff are happy and content

(to name a few)…

And let’s face it, 

Entrepreneurship is in your blood. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have opened up your fitness business in the first place. Some of us have innate managerial & leadership qualities basking within us, whilst others don’t. 

In this article, we’ll dive into 7 tips to manage your fitness business more aerodynamically. In turn, this will amour you with an extra protective layer if you hit any speedbumps along the road.

✅ Invest in leadership courses

Did you know?

Only 10% of people are natural-born leaders. 

In other words, 

It doesn’t come easy to most of us.

But it can be learnt.

In fact, good leadership qualities will generate more revenue for your business because your members & staff will feel heard and appreciated.

If leadership is something that you find challenging, get yourself on a course as soon as possible. This also includes anyone in your team that you want to develop further. 

Fitness business management

✅ Stop micromanaging your staff 

Micromanaging is the death of effective fitness business management

What’s micromanaging? 

It’s when you feel the need to control every part of your fitness business because you’re having trouble trusting your staff to do it at the level you want to see it done. 

It stems from your own trust & control issues.

Big mistake!

Have faith in your staff and take a step back. Micromanaging can cause a lot of anxiety within your team and a lack of mutual respect. 

If you think you’re a micromanager, seek solutions to try and stop this in its tracks. 

You’ll do yourself and your business a massive favour.

Set boundaries from the get-go

Ok, so we know that micromanaging is ineffective for your fitness business. However, it’s still important to set boundaries. There’s a difference between micromanaging and boundary setting. 

⚫ Setting boundaries = healthy 

⚫ Micromanaging= unhealthy

Setting boundaries should be implemented in all parts of your business, from staff to members to vendors and so forth.

If you’re good at setting boundaries early on, it becomes a culture within your business. 

In fact, it’s much harder to change a culture that’s already set in stone.

For example…

What if, from the beginning, you never set rules around keeping the fitness space clean & hygienic. The result is a big mess of sweaty equipment lying around all the time, which doesn’t appeal to most members, not to mention hygiene standards. Suppose you set this hygiene & cleanliness standard from the beginning. In that case, you don’t have to fight to change this habitual culture within your fitness business at a later stage.

Invest in the right gym management software

Gym management software is the backbone of your entire fitness business. 

It provides…


  • Automation management, increasing business productivity on all fronts. 
  • Membership management that boosts retention & renewals. 
  • Class & programme management that’s digitalised & easy to use. 
  • Staff management to collaborate with the team better. 
  • Communication management that builds a positive fitness culture. 
  • Scheduling management to minimise no-shows or overcrowded classes. 

You probably already have gym management software. 

But answer this… 

Is it assisting in growing your business further, retaining your members and managing everything needed to run your business in a streamlined fashion? 

If not? 

It’s time to switch. 

Read this article to learn more about migrating to gym management software that seamlessly manages your fitness business.

Fitness business management

Keep an eye on your budget & finances

Again, being financially savvy is something some people are good at and others are not. However, if you want your business to generate growth in all areas, you must be on top of your budget and finances. 

Have a stringent budget that you keep to every month with a substantial emergency fund in case unforeseen expenses arise, such as equipment repairs & replacements. 

Having a better hold on your finances allows you to save or spend to expand your business further. 

Upskill your staff

Nothing is more powerful than empowering your staff. 

By upskilling them in various areas, you’re naturally handing them the ability to help you manage and lead your business with you. All while providing excellent service to your members.. 

If you can make your staff feel worthy of their ability by upskilling them, they’ll show up for you. 

This, in turn, makes the management side of your fitness business that much easier.

Always keep a paper trail

Anything that has been said between you, your staff & members must be recorded in writing. This is an excellent habit so that you never find yourself in the sticky situation of “he said, she said.”

When having meetings with your staff, get someone to type out the meeting notes and save them in an organised way so that you can always go back to them when needed. 

Emails from members should always be retained in case you need written testimony to back you in a tight spot.

And never let a member train without signing waivers & agreements. 

You know all of this, but it’s just a reminder to keep this good habit in order. You never know when a paper trail will help you jump out of hot water.

Fitness business management


Managing your fitness business doesn’t have to be a headache. 

Just remember what you’re trying to achieve. 

  • Member retention 
  • Growth potential 
  • Happy members
  • Happy staff 

It really does come down to getting into good habits around the management side of things. And if you have the right gym management software, it will take a lot of the managerial stress out from under your nose. 

Need to switch gym management software? 

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