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In this episode, Mark has a warm conversation with Daniel (Danny) Webster, co-owner of Aphobos CrossFit UK. Together they explore Aphobos gym’s growth and the challenges and lessons learned while nurturing a fitness business with care. Danny shares heartwarming stories that illustrate how his involvement in Aphobos has changed his life in many ways.


Danny talks about the people-centric and highly personalised culture that makes Aphobos exceptional, giving plenty of tangible tips for other gym owners to implement. Mark and Danny also talk about the power of simplicity and give some examples of processes that have been kept simple at Aphobos.


Topics covered include:


  • The early days at Aphobos and how it established a reputation for being the gym that really cared

  • Prioritising personalisation as the best member retention strategy

  • Using Octiv to help make the member experience more personalised

  • Simplicity in processes – how to reduce your business admin and help members to make quicker decisions by keeping it simple

  • Coach engagement and creating a positive work environment

  • How Danny maintains his own motivation for fitness

  • Prioritising the fun in your gym business’s culture

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