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As a gym and studio management software we at Octiv are able to keep an eye on the latest trends in the industry as a whole. In 2023, we’ve seen that personalisation is the key to unlocking member satisfaction and loyalty. As gym owners, fitness studio owners and coaches, you understand the importance of tailoring your services to meet the needs of your members. And if you can master the art of personalisation, you’ll benefit from the best member retention strategy there is. 

So, let’s explore some ideas to help you personalise the fitness experience for your members. 

Understand Your Member

To provide a personalised experience, you first need to understand your members. Make sure that when a member joins the gym they are fully engaged. Get to know them, their goals, lifestyle, possible barriers to success, their concerns and their preferences. 

Bring a personal touch to your gym by encouraging members to create interactive profiles within the Octiv members’ app (branded with your business branding, so it’s a digital extension of your brand). Members can input their fitness goals, track progress, and share achievements. This not only fosters a sense of community but also helps you understand individual needs better. Coaches and instructors can access this information to provide more targeted support and motivation.

Coaches can also create notes on each individual member’s Octiv profile and refer back to these notes and update them regularly. If someone sees progress towards their individual goals and feels cared for at your facility, they will stay. 

Daniel Webster, co-owner of Aphobos CrossFit UK unpacked this idea in detail on The Octiv Sweat Equity Podcast – listen here

Use Technology to Help Personalise Member Interactions 

As your member base grows it can be difficult to give each member meaningful personal attention.

Use Octiv to its full potential to help you keep in touch and on track with your members’ goals, preferences, attendance information and more. Stay connected with members by encouraging them to update information (like injuries, concerns, preferences) on their interactive members’ app.

Use Octiv’s analytics and reporting functionality to gather insights into member demographics, time and workout preferences, and behaviour. This information is gold when it comes to tailoring your schedule and service offering to meet members’ needs.

Automated Communication and Reminders

Keep your members engaged with well-timed and personalised communication. Octiv enables automated communication, allowing you to send personalised workout reminders, class updates, and motivational messages. Remind members of their fitness milestones, congratulate them on achievements, and keep them excited about their fitness journey. This level of engagement contributes significantly to member satisfaction and loyalty.

Educate Your Members Beyond the Gym

Empower your members with knowledge beyond the gym walls. Send regular newsletters or push notifications with articles, videos, and tips to keep your members informed and motivated. By providing valuable information, you position your gym as not just a place to work out but as a valuable support system for their holistic wellbeing.

Estian Ferreira, owner of Willow Way Fitness had good examples of educating and serving members outside of the gym on The Octiv Sweat Equity Podcast – listen here.

Opportunities, Workshops and Learning Sessions

Go beyond traditional gym offerings by providing opportunities for members to expand their knowledge and skills. Organise workshops, learning sessions, and special events covering various fitness-related topics. From nutrition seminars to recovery workshops, these sessions enhance member engagement, create a sense of community within your gym, and can be an excellent additional revenue stream. 

Make Personalisation a Part of Your Process

Make personalisation a fundamental part of your gym’s culture. Encourage coaches to take detailed member notes, documenting goals, progress, and any specific details about the member. Schedule regular coaches’ meetings to discuss member needs and achievements, fostering a collaborative approach to personalised fitness. Octiv’s intuitive platform ensures that member information is easily accessible, making personalisation a seamless part of your daily operations.

Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement

Create a culture of kind candour and continuous improvement by encouraging and gathering member feedback. Implement surveys, polls, or suggestion boxes to understand member satisfaction levels and areas for improvement. Act on this feedback to refine and personalise your services, showing your members that their opinions are valued. 


Implement a few of these ideas in your business and start your journey towards a more personalised and member-centric fitness experience. A few simple changes can raise the bar on member experience, and may just prove to be the most effective member retention technique you’ve ever used. 

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