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Chris Lewis is the owner of Packlife gym, with two CrossFit gyms in Johannesburg. Chris and his team are poised at an exciting stage – 2024 promises to be a massive year of growth for them as they expand to new locations and disciplines. In this episode we will discuss growth – how to prepare for it, embrace it and benefit from it. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Getting the basics right before expanding – what are the foundational things to get right?
  • The 5 things Chris considers when looking to grow from a place of educated decision making (culture, staff, location, community longevity and the lease agreement)
  • The importance of location for the sustainability of your community and fitness business 
  • The importance of slow and steady growth – making sure you understand the financial implications of expanding your business 
  • Lessons in maximising the value of your core facility 
  • The power of outsourcing the elements of the job that you don’t thrive in
  • The importance of creating stable and incentivised career paths for your coaches and great tips for creating sustainable jobs in the micro gym environment
  • Bravery and taking on new challenges 

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