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This month we will be exploring the ways in which business owners and busy people can access better stress management and balance in their lives.

In this conversation Mark interviewed long-time yoga teacher Leigh Bosch, owner of House of Yoga in Cape Town. They spoke about Leigh’s personal journey with managing stress throughout the seasons of life, her journey from corporate career to yoga studio owner, and how dance and yoga have been instrumental practices in helping her find balance. They took a deep dive into the topic of yoga as a conscious movement practice that benefits the whole being – mind, body and spirit.

Topics covered include:

  • Leigh’s story and the role that dance and yoga have always played in helping her to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • A deep dive into the practice of yoga: the origins and benefits, different forms of yoga, advice for beginners

  • Practices for managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Achieving balance, stillness, calm and contentment in a busy world

  • House of Yoga – the studio offering and the team, the benefits of being a studio owner, and the challenges

  • How Octiv helps House of Yoga to run a better business

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