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An exceptional fitness entrepreneur is forever working on their mindset. Why? Because the tough stuff hits differently when you’ve taken the time to nurture your mind. Read on to find out more.

The fitness industry is epic. What a place to own a booming business. But it’s also cut-throat. Which adds to the excitement, doesn’t it?

As long as you’re consistently working on your mindset– building a successful fitness brand requires a deep understanding of how you approach the tough stuff when it decides to hit.

Here are 5 mindset qualities that define an exceptional fitness entrepreneur.

1. Intuition

Without sounding too ‘woo woo’…

Listening to the inner calling of your gut (no, not your hunger pangs), but rather, your intuition– can help you make informed decisions, even in complex or uncertain situations.

In fact, 

Trusting your gut instinct often leads to innovative solutions and unexpected positive outcomes. This is a valuable mindset quality when combined with other decision-making tools and techniques.

However, it’s not easy to home in on your intuition because the voice is often quiet.

Which means,

You have to listen carefully.

It usually feels like a gut tickle that doesn’t go away when you’re in the midst of making a difficult decision. An exceptional fitness entrepreneur will listen carefully to this ‘little whisper’ and consider it when tough decisions are on the table.

Exceptional fitness entrepreneurs listen to their intuition

2. Self-awareness

An exceptional fitness entrepreneur does deep, complex, self-reflection work. Even when it feels yucky & uncomfortable to the point they’re squirming in their seats.

In other words, 

They eyeball their strengths and weaknesses honestly and objectively, both in terms of their own performance and that of their business.

This self-awareness work will help you identify where improvements must be made for maximum success. And besides, it makes you a better leader.

Showing self-awareness

3. Adaptability

Things are changing rapidly in this world. 

In some ways,

It’s exciting; in others, it’s not.

Regardless of how you feel about these rapid changes. It’s essential to have a positive mindset around adapting to them. 

Think of the modern fitness market that you’re in. It’s ever-changing. And an exceptional fitness entrepreneur will be open to change by adapting and being flexible with their approach– to stay competitive.

Adjusting business plans quickly, recognising opportunities, and taking advantage of them can give you a foot up when competitors are sitting around complaining about the changes in the industry. 

Ask yourself this question… 

How can I leverage change?

Exceptional fitness entrepreneurs adapt to their environment

4. Open-mindedness

Open-mindedness is closely tied to the above point on adaptability. An exceptional fitness entrepreneur is open to new ideas, trends, and technologies that could benefit their business model or target audience. 

Take Octiv, for instance…

We’re gym management software that drives human connection to foster retention. 

In other words, 

Octiv is redefining gym management through our “people-first” approach & fiercely innovative software that automates your entire business so that you can focus on what matters- your members

Even though there are so many other gym management platforms out there– sometimes it’s important to keep an open mind about whether the one you’re currently using is actually helping you retain more members… through community-driven tools.

And if you’re current gym management software is not doing this– that you’re open to switching to a new & improved one.

5. Empathy

Holding space for others– and just listening without judgement or needing to give your own two cents– is one of the most valued skills a fitness entrepreneur can have.

In other words, 

Adopting an empathetic mindset will help you get into the minds of your members to best serve them. 

This will help you retain more members because they’ll feel like YOU JUST GET THEM–  and what they need. 

An empathetic mindset will also improve your relationship with your staff, as they’ll feel heard.

Which means,

Less staff turnover or internal friction. 

Empathy also helps with problem-solving as you can view difficult situations from the perspective of others & your own– so that you approach problems from different angles to zero in on the emotions attached.

Empathy is important in business


The above mindset qualities define an exceptional fitness entrepreneur (nearly every time). 

Sure, plenty of other mindset qualities have yet to be mentioned here. Still, suppose you implement ways to listen to your gut, become self-aware, be open to change & practice empathy.

In that case, 

You’ll be 10x better at running your fitness business than those who don’t tap into these superpowers.


Exceptional fitness entrepreneurs are committed to personal & professional growth to positively impact their industry.

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