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This month we are celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that comes along with being a business owner in the health and fitness space. We work with exceptional people who have not had formal business training, but have that strong spirit that makes them so successful when they establish their own business. 

This podcast guest is someone with a warm entrepreneurial spirit. Mark Fawzy has an insightful conversation with Suzette (surname?) from Core Concepts Pilates about her journey into entrepreneurship. 

Topics covered include:

  • How Suzette built a thriving Pilates business, employing physiotherapists and biokineticists in multiple locations
  • Obstacles she faced along the way, and how she handled them
  • A discussion around entrepreneurial spirit, the traits that define a passionate entrepreneur
  • The importance of knowing your values and working with people whose values align with yours as a business owner
  • Defining the personality of your business, your core culture
  • How Octiv gym management software has helped Core Concepts to grow and thrive 

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