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Weekly Webinar

22 May 2024

Mastering Scheduling & Packages for a Thriving Gym

Mastering Scheduling & Packages for a Thriving Gym

Unleash the Power of Flexible Management & Member Convenience!

Is your gym looking to streamline operations and offer ultimate member convenience? Join Octiv’s exclusive webinar designed to empower you to effortlessly streamline scheduling and package management. 

In this session, you’ll learn:


  • Limited vs. Recurring Packages: Gain a comprehensive understanding of limited and recurring packages, enabling you to create optimal membership plans.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: Recurring vs. Instant Classes: Demystify the options for recurring and instant classes, allowing you to offer a diverse scheduling structure.
  • Effortlessly Link Packages & Scheduling: Discover the seamless relationship between packages and scheduling, ensuring a smooth member experience.
  • Master Package Start & End Dates: Learn the art of managing package validity periods, keeping your membership system organized and transparent.
  • Packages vs. Contracts: Know the Difference: Unveil the distinctions between packages and contracts, ensuring you utilize the right tools for the right situations.
  • Expand Member Options: Adding Additional Packages: Explore the functionalities for adding new packages to existing member profiles, catering to evolving needs.

Join us at 3pm SAST on the 22nd of May!

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