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From Team Octiv this is a very warm welcome to the family! We exist to make your facility run smoothly.

Below you will find the step by step self onboarding process with tutorial links. The tutorials contain how to set up the particular section.

1: Add a Staff Member

To add a staff member, select Staff > New account > Fill in the person’s details > Submit

Remember to set their ownership status correctly:

User types explained: 
Owner – Default access to all the features
Admin – Access to everything, except the trainer report & staff privileges
Location adminCan have access to only selected locations, no access to the trainer report & staff privileges
Trainer – Access to the communication center, manage users, POS, reports, class actions & work out actions. No access to financial information or administration tasks (e.g. suspending members, running debit orders, staff etc.)

For more information you can check out these links: View Video & FAQ

Set up your facility


3. Add account/ invoice details

Set up your facility


4: How to Add studio programmes:

Set up your facility