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Grow your functional fitness business with this power-packed practical workshop day with Tye Arnett

Octiv is excited to host business mentor, Tye Arnett in Cape Town to hold a weekend workshop for functional fitness gym owners and coaches. Octiv clients – this is an opportunity to access Tye’s business-changing knowledge that will level up your fitness business.

Meet Tye Arnett

Tye Arnett is the go-to business coach for functional gyms worldwide, having helped over 1,600 gym owners in 57 countries to build their dream fitness businesses. He has a passion for helping to improve the businesses and lifestyles of gym owners, coaches and members. He brings this passion to life by teaching simple, practical and effective strategies that can be easily implemented to bring about noticeable change and growth in fitness businesses around the globe.

Who is this for?

Octiv clients who are looking for practical guidance to grow and improve their functional fitness business operations. Space is limited, reserve your spot!

When and where?

Saturday 8 June, 9am – 4pm
Motley Crew CrossFit in Cape Town

What topics will be covered?

  • Growing your functional fitness business
  • Establishing your ultimate direction and building your dream business (and life!)
  • Building a member machine: Getting more members and keeping them for longer
  • Developing your coaches
  • Using your systems and processes to streamline operations
  • Practical tips for discovering your hidden profit engines
  • Networking and Q&A

This workshop is priced at $1000 in Australia, but is FREE to Octiv clients.


This is an incredible opportunity to access knowledge and build big value in your business, so secure your spot today by registering below. Spots are limited so act quickly!