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Estian Ferreira is the owner of multiple functional gyms and is hugely respected in the South African fitness community. Estian has grown his brand to six gym locations using an interesting franchise-like growth model, and in this conversation he shares very valuable insights for gym owners looking to grow their business. Estian has a collaborative mindset and amazing approachability that makes his perspective so inspiring. 

Topics covered include:

  • The story of Willow Way’s growth 
  • Lessons in scaling up a gym business and Estian’s rules for growth
  • The importance of establishing good systems and processes to free you up to do what you really like to do
  • Strong systems and processes for member acquisition and member retention 
  • Building a culture of collaboration 
  • Why they are not CrossFit affiliated 
  • The industry is moving to hyper personalisation – what Willow Way are doing to bring their members extra value in and outside of the gym 
  • Building deep connection with gym members 
  • The motivating power of a good lifestyle 
  • Willow Way’s unique franchise model for growth 

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