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In this episode we explore the theme of community building with Matt Holliday – owner and coach at The Bloc – CrossFit Blouberg. Matt is also the frontman for the West Coast Series, a functional fitness competition, famous for its community energy and inclusive foundation. 


Matt is driven by a purpose to build great communities around fitness, having experienced what a positive impact community-based exercise can have on people’s lives. He has an inspiring commitment to the sport of CrossFit and selflessly supports others in the community. This insightful conversation allows gym owners and coaches to expand their thinking beyond their own boxes, to the broader community. 


Topics covered include:

  • Matt’s experience as a young first-time business owner when he started The Bloc brand at 22 years old
  • The challenges of starting and growing a fitness business
  • How to stick to a vision and build a strong brand 
  • Lessons from a master around building passionate communities around fitness, CrossFit, your gym brand and fitness events
  • Matt’s vision for The West Coast series – a legendary event series with the tagline “Where competition meets community”
  • How The West Coast scoring system made the event accessible to any athlete 
  • Advice for coaches and owners to build better community

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