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Le futur de la gestion de box est là

La solution mondiale de gestion de salle de sport débarque en France, offrant aux propriétaires une meilleure façon de gérer leur espace.

Boostez vos revenus, fidélisez vos membres et créez une communauté solide grâce à notre technologie innovante et stylée. Rejoignez-nous pour une gestion de salle de sport réinventée !

Unlock your potential

Unlock your potential

Remplissez vos coordonnées pour réserver une démonstration.

Octiv est la référence pour les entreprises de fitness à travers le monde.

Changez dès aujourd'hui !

C’est la migration la plus facile et la plus rapide que vous aurez jamais vécue.

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Que disent les propriétaires d'entreprises de fitness à propos d'Octiv ?

House of Yoga

Octiv streamlines the whole process & experience between our members and our Yoga studio. That is incredibly helpful. On the whole, it reduces a lot of admin. For any business where the team is wearing many different hats, a lot of the day-to-day admin must be covered so that you can spend time doing the important things, you know, keeping an eye on the overall bigger picture of things. Making sure I have time for my teachers, allowing me to prep for classes, and ensuring I have time for the members. Octiv allows me to do this.

Pack Life CrossFit

The Octiv team is so responsive. Every time I have a query, they'll send me a straightforward email with a step-to-step guide to resolve the issue. The Octiv team is always happy to take my call or answer my emails.

Frantz Rüegsegger

Octiv Fitness allows us to run and grow our gym smoothly. The platform is very reliable and the support team is fast and very helpful.

MissFit Boxing

Octiv allowed us to scale from 3 to 13 studios. It is quick to implement and makes it easy for us to get down to business growing our franchise. Moving to Octiv was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

We are the gym management software that will breathe new life into your fitness business

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